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Two Treaties by Two Ottoman Sheikh al-Islam and Discussions during the Ottoman Empire on Sufi Dance (Sama’ and Dawran)
Even though the discussions on sama and dawran, which are observed in Sufi circles as forms of chanting the names of Allah, affected the Ottoman public during the 16th and 17th centuries, they have always existed in Muslim society. Almost all scholars have expresed their opinions about this topic. Two of the most powerful Ottoman sheikh al-Islams, Zenbilli Ali Efendi and Kemâl Pasha-Zâde, issued legal opinions about sama and dawran. The opinons of these two grand muftis, who succeded each other, are completely contrary to each other. After a general evaluation of the topic, this article will analyze the treatises of the Ottoman sheikh al-Islams: Zanbilli Alî Effendi (d. 1525) and Kemâl Pasha-Zâde (d. 1534).

Sama, Dawran, Raqs, The Ottomans, Zanbilli Alî Effendi, Kemâl Pasha-Zâde.

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