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The End of Majmua-i Takaya (List of the dervish lodges) and Publication of a New List
In this work we will examine one of the very important sources of the history of the dervish lodges namely Majmua-i Takayas recorded about the Sufi orders, their masters, places, chants, and the numbers of occupants of the lodges dating from the foundation of the lodges to their closure in 1925. According to our findings, the first one of these records dated 1119 AH (1708 CE) and titled “Îd-i Adhâda Ocaklar ve Cevâmi’ ve Medâris ve Zevâyâya Tevzi’ Olunan Kurban Koyunu Defteridir (the book of sacrificial animals distributed to the dervish lodges and to the mosques and to the schools and to the tombs in the feast of sacrifice)“ begins with a list of the numbers of sacrificial animals and the places, like mosques, schools, and dervish lodges to which they were going to be distributed in the feast of sacrifice. And the last one “Tekâyâ ve Zevâyâya Mahsus Defter (The book Particular to Dervish Lodges)” dated just before the act number 677 of November 30, 1925 about the closure of the dervish lodges [September-October 1925] was composed to establish the related sides of dervish lodges with the religious foundations. Leaving aside the repetitions, 23 lists will be described and 3 lists, which have been mentioned in the records but not published till this day, will be transliterated. Detailed analysis of these lists, some of which were recorded by the state and some of which were recorded by the sufis, will present very important information to figure out the historical continuity and consistency of many dervish lodges. Before defining the lists, centralist policies of the administrative power – after Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror – especially starting with the Mahmud II will be summarized in relation to its effects upon the dervish lodges and then the lists will be presented. After mentioning the titles of articles, theses, and the books written about these lists and we will try to classify them in the conclusion part. Finally we will present the transliteration of the above mentioned three lists.

Majmua-i Takaya, Dervish lodges of Istanbul, dervish lodge, Sufi orders, lists of dervish lodges, ta

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