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Yaqub Khan al-Kashghari: A Diplomat and Commentator of Fusûs
Yaqub Khan came to Istanbul in the 1860’s as a diplomat and Naqshbandî dervish, and got in contact with Sufi circles. He was in touch with many sheikhs, primarily Hajji Fayzullah Efendi (d.1293/1876), who is from Silistre, through Bakir Efendi, the caretaker of the Fatih tomb, and at last with Tawfiq al-Bosnawi, the khalifa of Ibrahim al-Kushadawi, and became one of his pupils. By this way, Bukhara and Bosna met together again as well as the eastern and western parts of Islamic World. Yaqub Khan al-Kashghari carried the Khalwati-Sha‘bani culture, which he took from Tawfiq al-Bosnawi, to South Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, and helped its expansion in the region. In this article, it is examined on Yaqub Khan al-Kashghari and his commentary on Fusus al-hikam by Ibn al-Arabi.

Diplomat, Fusus al-hikam, Commentator, Sha‘baniyya.

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