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God, Universe and Human According to Aziz Nesefî
The thesis comprises of one introduction, and three sections. In the introduction section, emphasis has been put on the life and works of Aziz Nesefi, with remarks on resources mentioning Nesefi. Besides, his works are presented separately. In the first section, Nesefi’s opinions are elaborated. Nesefi’s comprehension of being, problem of being and God in terms of existence have been explained. Besides, the issue of Being has been studied under the terms being- non-being, essence – form. In the last part of the first section, attributes of Gods are explained. Highlighting the though of God via divine names, God is explained in detailed over his names, Most Compassionate (Rahman), Most Merciful (Rahim). In the second section, human is studied. Initially information is provided about the organic structure, spiritual constitution and character formation of human in terms of his existence. In this section, Nesefi’s understanding of man against universe as well as the descension (nuzul) and ascension (uruc) aspects in man’s existence have been studied. Under the light of dynamic human, training and formation (suluk) of man, his capacities / capabilities as well as the conditions of spiritual formation, suffering, attraction issues are studied. Besides, in this section humans such as prophets, saints and philosophers are compared. Concepts of oracle, miracle, revelation, inspiration, life and death are explained from Nesefiʹs point of view. In the third section, issue of the creation of universe according to Nesefi is studied. Three cosmoses, mulk (phenomenal cosmos), melekut (nomenal cosmos) – ceberut (absolute cosmos), which are the stages of universe, and further three cosmoses, zat (Godʹs essence) , vech (God’s face) and nafs (self) stages have been explained. The concept of Unity of Being according to Nesefi is explained in the integrity of God, human and universe. Issue of Unity (vahdet), principles of the Unity of Being, being and existent concepts are studied. Issues of manifest and non-manifest, that are the two aspects of reality, have been studied. Besides, the issue of unification (of God) is explained.


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