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The Concept of Prophet and the Prophets in the Mathnawī
According to a commonly faith, the prophets are “special envoys”, that is from Allah to the human beings. They brought commands of God, from the very origin of everything. By their behaviors and thoughts, they are models to human beings to prepare to the other world. In Mawlana’s thought system, the concept of prophecy and the prophets had taken a very important place. He explained own opinions concerning this matter, in his famous work Mathnawi, from various sides. To my opinion his thoughts on this subject are very important to the History of Sufism as well as to other Islamic sciences like the Kalam (Theology), the History of the Religions, the Tafsir (the Commentary on the Qur’ân), Sociology of Religion, Psychology of Religion.

Mawlana, Mathnawi, prophecy, the prophets, inheritor of the prophet.

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