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A 16th Century Ottoman Scholar, Halwatî-Sunbuli Sheikh Merkezzâde Ahmed Efendi
The life of a 16th century Ottoman scholar, Merkezzâde Ahmed Efendi, the son of well-known Shaykh Merkez Efendi, is examined in this article. Ahmed Efendi, an authority on Arabic language, translated for the first time the famous Arabic Dictionary al-Fîrûzâbâdî’s al-Qâmûs in the form of an anthology after reorganizing it. Along with his scholarly works, Ahmed Efendi was respected by the scholars of Dersaâdet for his aptitude in mysticism and his services for the benefit of the public. Though a remarkable figure, not much has been written about him. In the presented paper, the information about his life from the biographical works has been analyzed. In this context, some problematic issues about the life of Merkez Efendi have also been examined. Thus, we have not just merely given the biographical information but placed special importance on incorporating and interpreting them.

Merkezzâde Ahmed Efendi, Merkez Efendi, Asitane of Sunbuli, al- Bâbûs.

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