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Turkish dervishes which are working on colonization at Coruh and Kelkit dale
In this paper we studied on Turkish dervishes which are working on colonization at Çoruh and Kelkit dale. Also these dervishes who are recorded with emir, bey, melik and sultan appellation, worked on propagate islam on Anatolia and Balkans peninsula. We give exhaustive information about fourteen Anatolia’s eren at first period which are recorded with their small dervish lodge on tax and foundation records. But in this zone more than 45 small dervish lodges stand by first sulta-nates, Akkoyunlular, Seljuq and then Ottomans. These small dervish lodges most effective organi-zation for convert to Islam and be turkized on Çoruh-Kelkit dale’s villages and burgs which has a lot of non-muslim people. Some of these small dervish lodges are Şeyh Hayran, Emir Ahmet Zengânî, Hoca Yakut, Sultan Fakra, Seyyid Salih, Şehit Osman and Haydârihâne. These organizations are much far from modern life but, these lodges control worships, ways, bridges, alms houses, mills, etc. which are very important at that time. These lodges adjustment and neatness at rural areas which are far from nation authority.

Small Dervish Lodges, Çoruh-Kelkit Dale, Emir Ahmet, Şeyh Hayran, Hoca Yakut, Şehit Osman, Hayderîhâ

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