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Mawlawī Female Substitutes and Sheiks
Some Sufi orders are of the opinion that a woman can „attain God‟ but cannot make others attained Him, whereas Mawlawism officially appointed women sheiks as head of Mawlawī dargāhs. Sākıb Mustafa Dede (d.1148/1735), author of Safīna-e Nafīsa-e Mewlewīyān, points out that during their rule, many women disciples, taking advantage of „female guides‟, retired into seclusion at small and dark places in the main dargāh and around it, occupied themselves with fasting and dhikir, wore Mawlawī costumes; such as it was men who used to do the same in the time of male Sufi leaders. It is a pity that Manākib al-Ārifīn and especially Safīna-e Nafīsa-e Mewlewīyān, our only sources on their life, are not even treated by researchers; researchers merely list their names lent over from another source which did the same before. The present study is a humble step to fill this gap. Key words: Mawlawism

Mawlawism, Woman Sheiks, Arife-i hoş-lika-yı Konevi, Destinā Khātun, Günesh Khān, Kāmile Khānım, Hāj

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