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The Analysis of Mathnawi by Ismail Rusuhi Anqarawi a Methodological Approach to the Meaning in Mathnawi
The purpose of this article is to clarify Ismail Rusuhi Anqarawi’s methodological approach to the meaning in Mathnawi of Rumi. The seventh sheikh of the Mawlawikhane in Galata, Anqarawi is the author of Majmu’at al-Lata’if va Matmurat al-Ma’arif, a Mathnawi commentary in Turkish, which had been most commonly read in Ottoman era. There are some insufficient imaginations on Rumi and his Mathnawi in the modern times\ both in East and West. The underlying fact of such insufficient imaginations is the ignorance of the methapysical dimensions and multiphase meanings indicating shari’ah, tariqah and haqiqah in Mathnawi. Anqarawi’s Mathnawi analysis and commentary, in such a context, provides us a perfect point of view in understanding Rumi’s mathnawi and his thought of sufism.

Mawlana, Mathnawi, Ismail Rusuhi Anqarawi, Commentary of Mathnawi, Analysis, word, meaning.

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