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A Different View of the Relations between the Naqshbandi and the Administration in the Ottoman State: The Khalidi Exiles
It is known that during the 19th century, the Khalidis represented one of the strongest currents of sufism within the Ottoman State. Even though they were closely watched in Turkey during the Republic, being committed opponents of the new regime, they managed to conserve in great part the substance of their traditions and to maintain a strong influence in Turkey. The subject of this paper will be the Khalidi exiles, who were considered as loyal supporters of the Ottoman State and Ahl al-Sunna which they were subjected. We have chosen this subject in order to discover the reason why the followers of a order in such harmony with Ottoman official ideology should, at various times, have been exiled as a sign of the displeasure and even anger of the administration. We are of the opinion that to understand this, the changes in the political and social structure of the Ottoman State, during the 19th and 20th centuries, Islamic thought, to which the Khalidis dedicated themselves, their political attitude based on this thought and Ottoman official ideology, should be analysed all together.


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