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Sheikh Mustafa of Giresun from Gāziyān-i Rūm and Depealan Dervish Hospice (Zāviya)
Sheikh Mustafa was one of the Turkish dervishes who settled in the Blacksea regian during the process Panislamizm in Anatolia. Like his counterparts “border warriors for Islam” with in the Pontus land he took part in attemps settlement which has at first pastly a local colonization activity followed by a more powerful movement supported by foundations appointed with the permission of Sultans. Due to changes in the social conditions these foundations lost them mam features and as time went by, became the central point of other institutions with sheikhs being landlords of the region. In this study chosen as a local figure, the Sheikh Mustafa dervish convent clearly shows us the social transformations experinced during that time

Giresun, Anatolia, Sheikh Mustafa, The Small Dervish Lodge of Depealan.

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