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Rabita as a Sufi term
This article contains the description of the concept of rabita, which has a significant place in Sufi experience, its types and the way Sufis apply it. Ribat and murataba, which are derived from the same root with Rabita and used in Quran, means observing the borders, keeping guard, and accu-rately fulfilling any order given. In its general meaning, rabita is the affiliation with a perfect spiri-tual Sufi master, who has reached the stage of spiritual witnessing (mushahada), qualified with divine attributes. Therefore, Sufis have expressed that a spiritual pupil, who imagines the presence of the form and particularly soul of his sheikh in his absence, should continue the attribute he has while he is with his sheikh, even though he is away from his sheikh. Sufis take the Quranic verse “Oh the believers, fear from Allah, and be with the truehearted”, particularly the phrase “be with the truehearted” as an evidence of rabita. In the classics of Tasawwuf, emphasis has been put on being with the truehearted and true worshippers, avoiding to sit with wrongdoers and worldly people. In this regard, rabita has been interpreted in terms of Sufi experience.

Rabita, rabita al-mawt (rabita of death), rabita al-murshid (rabita of the spiritual master), rabita

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