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The Problem of the Attribution of Tafsir al-Jailani to Abdulqadir Jailani
The object of this article is to find out whether or not the book known as Tafsir al-Jailani which is attributed to Abdulqadir Jailani (d. 561/1166) and published in 2009 by two different publishing houses in Istanbul and Beirut really belongs to him. The literary style and the contents of the aforementioned book exegesis raise some question marks about its attribution to Jailani. Upon its examination, it is seen that the author named his book as al-Fawatih al-Ilahiyya wa al-Mafatih al-Ghaybiyya. It is also known by the expert of the field since Haji Khalifa (d. 1067/1657) that an exegesis under this title belongs to Baba Ni‘matullah Nahchiwani (d. 920/1514). Moreover, the existence of quotations from Ibn al-Arabi’s Fusus al-Hikam in this exegesis makes it impossible to attribute it to Jailani, because Ibn al-Arabi lived after Jailani. Most importantly, at the end of the original author copy of this Arabic exegesis with the title al- Fawatih al-Ilahiyya dated 901 (1496), the author clearly mentioned his name as Ni‘matullah b. Mahmud Nahchiwani. As a result of the researches, it is concluded that this book published by the title Tafsir al-Jailani does not belong to Abdulqādir Jailani, but to Baba Ni‘matullah Nahchiwani.

Abdulqadir Jailani, Ni‘matullah Nahchiwani, Tafsir al-Jailani, Allegorical Exegesis of the Qur’an (a

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