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Istanbul Mawlawi Order’s Influence on Cultural Life: The Case of Galata Mawlawi Lodge
Mawlawiyyah is one of the important Sufi orders which were born in Anatolia. Although it was first centered in Konya, it later spread through other important cities of Ottoman State after the 15th century, especially in the period following the conquest of Istanbul. Unlike other Sufi orders which spread among the general public, Mawlawi order that presented a character intertwined with poetry, literature and art addressed to distinguished members of society. In this article, we have tried to find the place of Mawlawi order in the scale of Istanbul and deal with the views about how it shaped the culture life. As a case, we have examined Galata Mawlawi lodge which has been one of the attention grabbing centers of the Mawlawi order in Istanbul from the perspective of significant figures who were trained in that lodge and their effects on the environment and the era that they lived in.

Jalaladdin Rumi, Mawlawiyya, Galata Sufi Lodge.

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