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Shebenderzade Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi and Arusiyya Sufı Order
One of the distinguished intellectuals of the late period Ottoman Empire was Sehbenderzade Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi who was employed in the civil service as well as administration in the Ottoman bureaucracy after completing his formal education. Banished due to his political views during his youth, Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi spent his time in exile engaged in self-development and underwent great change and transformation. With the newspapers and magazines he published following his exile, as well as the articles and works he penned, he demonstrated his role as an influential thinker and earned due repute. There were many reasons for his change, one of which can be identified as the influence of the Arusiyya Order to which he was introduced during his exile and with which he later became affiliated. While known for his views in the fields of history, philosophy, politics and authorship and publishing, his Sufi aspect has not been the subject of any significant examination. In this article, Sehbenderzade Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi’s Arusiyya and coming of this order into Istanbul are studied in the light of information he himself provided. Moreover, the spiritual chain of Arusiyya order and its connection with the Shadhiliyya and Cishtiyya orders are examined based on the information provided by other sources, in addition to a brief discussion of the state of Arusiyya order after Filibeli by examining its history and basic principles.

Sehbenderzade Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi, Shadhiliyya, Arusiyya, Selamiyya, Omeriyya.

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