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Norşin Dervish Convent From Ottoman to the Republic and Sheikh Abdurrahman-i Tâğî
Norşin Dervish Convent, one of the important convents of Naqshibandi- Khalidi order, was founded in Güroymak town of the city of Bitlis by Sheikh Abdurrahman-i Tâğî around the year 1875. The convent turned into an important center of knowledge and wisdom in a short time thanks to the scholars and sheikhs who worked in the convent and madrasa after that year such as Sheikh Fethullah-i Verkânisî, Sheikh Muhammed Ziyâuddîn, Sheikh Masum, and Sheikh Maşuk. During the years of transition from the Ottoman State to the Republic of Turkey, it has become an important place both as a convent and as a madrasa by its role in both the First World War and the War of Independence. It influenced the society living in the wide geography extending down to Syria in social, religious, political, and even military fields. Its significance still continues today.

Norşin Dervish Convent, Abdurrahman-i Tâğî, Naqshibandi Sufi Order, Khalidi Sufi Order.

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