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Toward the Solution of Enigma regarding XVIth century Discussions about “Lahn (Mispronunciation) and Taghanni (Melodious Recitation)”: Is Ibn Bahâeddin the author of “al-Qawl al-Wasit”?
The treatise known as el-Qawl al-Wasit bayna al-ifrat wa al-tafrit, which is related to debates on “dhikr” ritual among Ottoman scholars and Sufis of the 16th century, is recorded in various manuscript libraries under the names of four different scholars of the 16th century, namely Birgivi Mehmed Efendi, Ebüssuûd Efendi, Çivizade Mehmed Efendi and Ibn Bahaeddin. In this respect, it has been noticed that there is a question about the authorship of the treatise and this problem was previously examined in two different articles. In this study, this problem is to be readdressed in the light of new information related to the issue discovered in a work of Khalwati Sufi master Beşir Efendi who lived in 17th century.

el-Kavlü’l-vasît, dhikr ritual, melody (teganni), İbn Bahaeddin, Birgivi, XVIth century.

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