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Aziz Mahmud Hüdâyî’s Ajwiba-i Mutasawwifana and Some Principles of Jalwatiyya Order
Aziz Mahmud Hudayi’s book titled Ajwiba-i Mutasawwifana consists of the questions of a new dervish about the order of Jalwatiyya and Hudayi’s answers to him. What makes this treatise important is that it is formed by Hudayi’s responses and points out the features that separate Jalwatiyya from other dervish orders especially Halwatiyya Order. Remembrance of kalimat al-tawhid and its method of chanting i.e. the most important method of training in Jalwatiyya Order, remembrance of Hu, interpretation of dreams, manners of seclusion, remembrance of God in congregation, sheikh’s influence on his dervishes, issuing judgments by disciples in legal matters, are some of the issues dealt with in the treatise. More information about those issues are found in Hudayi’s other books on the manners of Sufi training and dervish orders and in the books of Jalwati Sufis.

Aziz Mahmud Hudayi, Halwatiyya, Jalwatiyya, Sayr u suluk.

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