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An Example of A Modern Molla Kāsım: Muhammed Şahin’s Work Titled Mesnevi’nin Tenkidi
The history of the critiques directed against sūfīs in Islamic thought is almost as old as the emergence of the Sufis. Some of these critiques have been proposed by the scholars and some others by sūfīs themselves. It is undeniable that the critiques directed both inside and outside by the people with adequate scholarly training, background, and sensitivity contributed to the progress of sūfism on a healthy basis. However, the critiques of some other persons who are unaware of the historical and theoretical development of sūfism and just acting with the intent to discredit it have to be evaluated under a separate category. Muhammad Şahin’s work Mesnevi’nin Tenkidi published in 1946 is an example of this latter type of critiques. In fact, this work presents a picture of the point of view of a certain class of society in Turkey regarding the field of religion and sūfism until 1950’s. In this article, we will try to understand why an author named Muhammed Şahin, about whom we know nothing, has attempted to write such a book and what he has tried to explain in his work.

Muhammed Şahin, Mesnevi’nin Tenkidi, Critique, Masnavī, Mawlānā.

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