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Mawlana’s understanding of servitude in the Mathnawi from perspective of Quran
This article will mainly analyse the concepts in relation with the servitude in the Qur’an. In addition to this, it will also focus on the interpretation of these concepts by the exegetes and mystics. The result is worth mentioning: the meaning of servitude in the Qur’an goes beyond the limits of defined types of worhips such as ritual prayer, almsgiving, fast etc. In other words, according to the Qur’an, the servitude contains every kind of respect for the Creator. Secondly, the article will deal with the notion of servitude from the perspective of al-Rumi. Similar to the Qur’an, al-Rumi also evaluates the servitude widely in his al-Mathnawi and reaches the conclusion that servitude means ‘one’s spritual journay to God and his full obediance to Him.’

the Qur’an, Servitude, al-Rumi, Mathnawi, concept

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