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This article aims to describe the views of Ismail Hakkı Bursawi about Mawlana Calaladdeen and Mawlawiyya rather than making new and unprecedented findings about Mawlana and Mawlawiyya. Bursawi is an Ottoman sufi who has more than a hundred works in various sizes and whose views are effective even today. He learnt Persian in his early education and studied Mathnawi and Fihi Ma Fih. He widely quoted the works of Mawlana in his famous tafseer 'Ruh al-Bayan' and his other works, and wrote a commentary on the first 738 stanzas of Mathnawi. Bursawi severely criticizes Fahraddeen Razi since he believed that the latter caused Bahauddeen Weled, the father of Mawlana, to leave Balkh to Anatolia. The biographical datas about Mawlana which Bursawi mentioned, are mainly shaped around Mathnawi. He sees Salahaddeen Zarkub and Husamaddeen Chelebi as masters (mursheeds) of Mawlana, probably because of the praises about them in Mathnawi. He prefers Sadraddeen Konawi to Mawlana as a result of the effect of the Jalwatiyya tradition. He criticizes most of the Mawlawis of his time together with some other tariqahs as having deviated from the path of their masters, and dealed only with form without content. His criticism to Mawlawis is especially on the subject of sama„.


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