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A Treatise written on Wahdat al-wujud: al-Arbili’s Mir’at ash-shuhud fi bayani Wahdat al-wujud
This article studies the opinions of ‘Abd al-Qadir Ibn Muhyi al-Din al-Arbili (d.1897) on Oneness of Being (wahdat al-wujud) through his Risale, called Mir’at ash-shuhud fi bayani wahdat al-wujud (Mirror of apparent world in explaining Oneness of Being). The author classifies the Sufis in three groups and criticizes the first one due to their upholding the idea of hulool (Divine Incarnation) and ittihaad (Divine Union). The second group of enlightened (arif) and monotheist (muvahhid) Sufis are praised by al-Arbili, for their straightforward and sound understanding regarding the Oneness of Being as well as for their being in possession of Divine knowledge (al-‘ilm al-ladunni). The third group is the highest level Sufis who plunge into the sea of Divine Reality (haqiqat), therefore do not utter words that goes against the Shari‘a, that is, they do not couch ecstatic utterances. Al-Arbili briefly explains the approach of each of these groups towards the Oneness of Being, and expresses his assessment on them as well as his views on the issue of Oneness of Being. The full text of al-Arbili’s Mir’at al-Shuhud is attached to the end of this article.

Sufi Thought, Oneness of Being, Qadiriyya, Khalisiyya, al-Arbili.

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