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From the Mother Nur al-Ansariyya to the Master of Hejaz Fakhr al-Nisa: The Women Around Muhyi al-Din Ibn ‘Arabi
Muhyi al-Din Ibn ‘Arabi (d.638/1240) who is well known for his favorable views on woman, is of the idea that there is a very strict love-bound between God, man and woman trinity: God created Adam/man on His own shape, and created woman on Adam/man’s shape. Thus, God is watan (country of origin) of Adam, and in turn Adam is watan of woman. And the love between them is originated from this relationship. His mother Nur al-Ansariyya, his first wife Maria and probably the first child born to him Zainab should be regarded as the foremost important women around him. As he believed that man and woman were equal in everything including being the chief saint of the earth, he followed women sheiks along with men ones. His instant women sheiks includes Fatıma Bint Ibn al-Muthanna, about whom he used the term “Divine mother”, Shams Umm al-Fuqara’ (mother of the poor), and Fakhr al-Nisa Bint Rustam, a scholar and the sheik of Hejaz. There were other women from whose Sufi states and stations Ibn Arabi was impressed and benefited.

Muhyi al-Din Ibn ‘Arabi, Nur al-Ansariyya, Fatıma Bint Ibn al-Muthanna, Shams Umm al-Fuqara’, Fakhr

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