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The Interpretation of Prophet Joseph’s Dream in Fusus al-Hikam ?
Ibn Arabi makes interpretations on life and the reality of existence in his Fusus al-Hikam through ?an anecdote or anecdotes related with a certain prophet. There is also an interesting ?interpretation of Joseph’s dream in the aforementioned work. Via this dream, Ibn Arabi states ?that this worldy life is nothing other than a dream or vision, and is not a real one indeed; he says ?that it is rather only a reflection of reality. Moreover, he explains the idea of “the existence of ?world is no more than a reflection of the Existence of The All-Truth, and the real existence ?belongs only to al-Haqq Himself” which is one of the basic principles of Unity of Being (Wahdat al-?Wujud) by means of a light-shadow metaphor. These views would be explained by the ?contributions of other interpreters concerning this matter.?

Ibn Arabi, Fusus al Hikam, Prophet Joseph, dream, imagination, interpretation of dreams, light ??(al

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