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The Notion of Existence in Turkish Sufi Poets: The Cases of Esrefoglu Rumi, Niyazi al-Mısri and Ahmed al-Quddusi
In this study, we examine the notion of existence in mysticism. Existence is one of the three corner stones of mysticism such as God, existence and human being. Three Turkish sufi poets, Esrefoglu Rumi, Niyazi al-Mısri and Ahmed al-Quddusi, who put forward clearly the sufi thinking on this subject, were the leading figures of their time. Certainly, in their thinking about being and existing in time, they were influenced by their predecessors in Sufism. They formed their Notion of existence within the light of their own spiritual dispositions, remixing the thoughts of previous sufis, particularly Ibn al-Arabi. For a Sufi, proving the existence of God is a linguistic preposition. In his lines about ontological and epistemic realities, a sufi discloses his thoughts about being and existence.

Turkish sufi poets, Ibn al-Arabi, existence, being.

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