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Sayyid Haydar Āmulī and Sūfīsm-Shi’ism Relationship in His Jāmi’ al-asrār va Manba’ al-anvār
Sayyid Haydar Āmulī is one of the most important scholars and sūfīs raised by the Twelver Shi’ism. He has lived in a period which sūfīsm was quickly spreading through the sūfī orders and Shi’ism was relatively gaining strong. He has dealt with education in his youth and written more than twenty works in his maturity period. In these works he always argued that Shi’ism should be understood in the integrity of the exoteric/zāhir and the esoteric/bātin aspects. Bacause he has claimed that professional scholars in the field of theology and canon law has been missing learned and taught the Shi’ism and so have misled the public. He has stated that this consideration taking into account only the exoteric/zahir aspect of Shi’ism has neglected the sanctity/valāyat and the secrets/esrar which are the essence of Shi’ism. According to him, the people interested in the esoteric aspect of Shi’ism are sūfīs. Because they are the carriers of the sanctity and the secrets transferred from the innocent imāms. Then as it supposed, there is no conflict between sūfīsm and Shi’ism. Fighting and conflict are among the imperfect scholars and the false sūfīs. Āmulī has written his work named Jāmi’ al-asrār ve Manba’ al-Anvār for this purpose and has solved the problem in terms of his methodology. But the historical process did not continue as he wanted. In this article at first it has been given information about the life and works of Sayyid Haydar Āmulī, then focused on the aim and the method of rapprochement efforts established by him between sūfīsm and Shi’ism.

Sayyid Haydar Āmulī, Jāmi’ al-asrār, Sūfīsm, Shi’ism.

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