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A Hermetic lineage of Sab‘īniyya? - A Study on al-Qa īda al-Nūniyya by Abū al- asan al-Shushtarī
Abu al-Hasan al-Shushtarī is the prominent student and successor of İbn Sab’in of Andalusia. Shushtarī wrote a well-known poem entitled al-Qasida al-Nuniyya. In this poem, he appeals to many different figures ranging from Hermes to Aristotle, from al-Hallaj to Averroes, from Ghazzālī to Suhrawardī al-Maqtūl, all of whom are not likely to come together in normal circumstances. In fact, al-Qasida al-Nuniyya is a poem about the intellect, its function and limitations. According to some scholars, it is accepted as a lineage of Sab’iniyya Order in a Hermetic nature. Is this poem really of a Hermetic lineage? Our study seeks the answer for this question. Besides, one of the problems caused by this poem is that the philosophers are mentioned in a non-critical manner within the poem despite the criticisms of Ibn Sab’in and Shushtarī against philosophy. Overcoming this controversary position would only be possible by considering the fact that the master and his disciple did not exclude philosophy entirely, and that they viewed it as a lower degree compared to that of the sufi gnosis. Key Words: Shushtarī, al-Qasida al-Nuniyya, İbn Sab’in, Sab’iniyya, Hermetic Lineage.

Shushtarī, al-Qasida al-Nuniyya, İbn Sab’in, Sab’iniyya, Hermetic Lineage.

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