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Publishing and Editorial Policies

      Editorial Principles

  1. Sufi copyright to the journal, preparation of text (critical edition), translation, book reviews and evaluation, meeting notes, sent in the form of articles will be taken into consideration.
  2. Magazine articles about sending only / mts.aspx over at the Article Tracking System to be members can be made.
  3. Article Tracking System with the actual name of the ID Card are required to be members. Will be saved here by the system because the name is recorded as the author of the article to the magazine.
  4. Magazine article by editor saved MTS primarily Extension and will be reviewed in the context of spelling principles. If the part needs to be corrected by the author returned to writing the regulations if there are any articles will be asked.
  5. Extension and non-compliance with the spelling Policy magazine articles are not sent to referees and will not be published.
  6. Articles approved by an editor MTS Tracking System writing at least two referees to be sent over.
  7. Referee in case of positive raprolarının decision is made to the publication of the summer. Referee of the recommendations are followed carefully by an editor.
  8. Referees want their article to be corrected before they are released may prefer to see the article. In this case the system automatically saved on the article page falls arbitrator.
  9. Referee reports submitted in the specified period of time does not make writing a new arbitrator shall be appointed.
  10. Referee-editor, editor-author of the messages in Article Tracking System writing part can. Additional information can be found.
  11. Decide what the type of publication will be published in the message to the author will be notified.
  12. All processes are conducted electronically.

     Writing Principles

  1. Sent to our magazine articles, PC Microsoft Office Word (Office 2000 version at least) program should be written or sent to this program should be adapted. Sent in text format magazine with all the attachments should not exceed 34 pages.
  2. Translation, simplification and transcription of the original text in pdf articles, book reviews and assessments must be included in the book cover image in jpeg format.
  3. Writing to the English title of the next section anabaşlıktan, 500-1000 between each character (with spaces) Turkish-English summary, including a maximum of five words and articles on Turkish-English key words should be added to the end that is useful bibliography of works that show.
  4. Page layout: A4 size, margins 4.5 cm from the left, right 4.5 cm, top 5.4 cm and 5.4 cm from the bottom should be set.
  5. Typefaces: Text of the Palatino Linotype font, 10 pt and titles should be written in bold. The main part of the full text with 14 pt line spacing, 10 pt line spacing, footnotes and with the full text with the same font must be written in 8 pt. Traditional Arabic font should be used in the Arabic text.
  6. According to the footnote page, under the sequential number system to be organized and the following procedures should be followed to show the source:


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